Truly memorable moments come around less often than they should. Life is so packed with work and obligations that it can be hard to pause, take a breath and appreciate the beautiful people and places in our lives. A Blue Oceans charter is an escape from the day-to-day routine, a chance to focus on what’s important in life, a moment to make a memory that will last forever.

Burma Banks has a long and varied coastline with a wealth of marine wildlife. It is arguably the best place in Asia to watch dolphins & marine wildlife. Spectacular populations of seabirds nest on our sea cliffs and islands, and hundreds of thousands of waders and waterfowl frequent our beaches and estuaries. Sea eagles can be seen soaring and hunting on the coast. Occasionally turtles are seen in our waters.

These are everyday moments aboard luxury yachts – moments that can become your memories of a lifetime when you step on board for a Blue Oceans charter.