Big-game fishing started as a sport after the invention of the motor boat. Charles Frederick Holder, a marine biologist and early conservationist, is credited with founding the sport in 1898. Today, anglers travel the world in pursuit of the greatest gamefish. New destinations are searched for in the hope of finding the next great “hotspot” and world record size fish.

Here in South East Asia, Blue Oceans Adventures are recognized as one of the last true fishing frontiers with the potential to take the world by storm. At Blue Oceans, we have created a fleet with the capability to explore the remotest locations in our region. Our waters have already proven that record size fish exist here – across a wide range of acclaimed species. Huge blue, black and striped marlin, swarms of sailfish, enormous yellowfin and dogtooth tuna, record size giant trevally, wahoo and a range of other pelagic species are resident in big numbers in many of our destinations.


Blue Oceans is building a team that will deliver an outstanding experience to you – both on our mothership BLUE OCEANS and on our range of first class gamefishing / diving boats. We are assembling a team that consists of truly outstanding captains, first class, experienced stewardess, engineer, hostesses and deckhands.


• Shimano Tiagra reels – 60kg, 37kg, 24kg
• Custom-built rods covering 60kg chair, 37kg chair, 37kg standup, 24kg standup rods plus custom built 15kg and 10kg spinsticks
• Custom-built flying and fixed gaffs for the fish of a lifetime
• Wide range of proven marlin catching lures including Pakula, Black Bart, Moldcraft
• Custom built tag poles
• Stella reels
• New custom built tuna tubes
• Electric teaser reels
• Downrigger
• Top of the line Aqualuma underwater lights


Blue Oceans captains and crew are highly experienced in all forms of game and sportfishing. With decades of experience from a range of countries and waters, they will apply the many techniques learned to maximize your chances of capturing that trophy fish. Different techniques work better in different locations and no fishery is the same. We will leverage our experience and apply it to each location to “crack the code” and produce outstanding results for our guests. The fish of a lifetime are definitely here and we will work tirelessly to create the perfect experience for you and your family / friends.