Burma Banks, Myanmar

800 untouched islands in paradise, with proven outstanding fishing potential directly out to sea, including the famed Burma Banks. This is an area with extraordinary potential after being “hidden” from the world until recently. Huge fish caught regularly.

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Andaman Islands, India

Well known in fishing circles as the next great hotspot for gamefishing. The Andamans are remote, isolated and as a result almost untouched. A local gamefishing operation fishes in a small area near the main town and catches extraordinary size fish. Other visiting gameboats...

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Tioman Island / Kuala Rompin, Malaysia

Kuala Rompin in Malaysia has been named by Marlin Magazine as one of the Top 10 Sailfish Destinations in the World - for good reason! The waters teem with sailfish for most of the year, Marlin are also caught here, together with other popular gamefish. Our team specialise...

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