800 untouched islands in paradise, with proven outstanding game fishing potential directly out to sea, including the famed Burma Banks. This is an area with extraordinary potential after being “hidden” from the world until recently. Huge fish caught regularly.


How To Go There

It's simple to get here! First step is to simply fly into Bangkok or Phuket in Thailand or Yangon in Myanmar. All locations are fantastic destinations in their own right - so take your time and enjoy a holiday before or after your fishing trip. The 3 options are outlined below:

Via Bangkok, Thailand: take a 1 hour flight to Ranong, Thailand from Bangkok. There are multiple flights per day in and out of Ranong. Ranong is the town bordering Myanmar on the south coast. From Ranong it's a fun and quick longtail boat ride across the river to Kawthaung and to our waiting boat that is ready to whisk you offshore to paradise!

Via Phuket:, Thailand take a private car or van (we can arrange this for you) and follow the coast north for 4 hours to Ranong. It's a stunning drive that our guests really enjoy. See above for info re getting to the boat from Ranong.

Via Yangon, Myanmar: Take a short flight to Kawthaung, Myanmar. This is the town in Myanmar from where our boats depart to the Burma Banks.

Fishing in Burma Banks

The Burma Banks, Myanmar is a relatively unknown location that is going to be put on the world map very soon! Big numbers of blue and black marlin, dogtooth tuna, broadbill swordfish, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, giant trevally and monster grouper make this their home. With a series of seamounts rising out of 300 metres depth across a big area, the fish are naturally attracted here. Add the 800+ pristine islands of the Mergui Archipelago to this and you have an extraordinary location to fulfil your fishing dreams.

Climate Information

Mergui has a tropical monsoon climate. Temperatures are very warm throughout the year. There is a dry season from October to mid May and a wet season the remainder. The winds are light and the seas calm during most of the dry season. The experience on the water is generally great for our guests!

The Mergui Archipelago

Over 800 stunning slands make up the Mergui Archipelago which offers great opportunities for snorkeling, diving, kayaking and jungle trekking on the islands. The Burma Banks is our fishing location, positioned offshore from these beautiful islands. a night or 2 at one of these islands is a standard part of our itinerary.


The diving is great in this area. Shark Cave and Black Rock are two of the archipelago’s top dive sites, showcasing an incredible variety of marine life – including Nurse, Grey Reef, Blacktip and Bull sharks, as well as Eagle and Manta Rays, Frogfish, Ribbon Eels and False Pipefish, to name just a few.